April 7, 2009

Finding the Good in Blah

My emotions during the day were low-spirited and humdrum. Can "blah" be used to describe a feeling? Though I experienced seeming unproductivity due to frustration with the decoupaged picture frame, later I realized I had new skills. Tien taught me how to download fonts, extract the zip files and add the fonts to my fonts list. The nickle dropped on gel medium transfers too (check out Paul Fujita's how-to). I also learned to create a colored background in PhotoShop and to horizontally flip my text. A very good day after all!

Here's how the frame looks now. The word focus describes what a ballerina does in class in order to improve her skills. It is also the subject of my current lesson. I think I'll have one more play-date on this project.

I finished reading Taking Flight and I highly recommend it. It has wonderful creative techniques, excellent suggestions for the creative mind and great art work that inspired me.

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