April 16, 2009

Free Motion Quilting

No meander-quilting for me on my Bernina 1130S sewing machine. After several attempts over the years, I'm giving it up (again).

Circles seem to come a lot easier. I started by quilting kimono silks. That was a bad idea because of the different densities of weaving which caused bobbin thread breakage. However, this silk kimono lining came out decently. I used an 80/12 needle and 100% cotton thread.

I switched to 100% cotton quilting fabric and a larger needle (100/16). I also used a high-contrast thread color in order to see my stitches. The quilting would look better if I couldn't see the crossed-over stitching. My skills will improve and then I'll stop crying about it (wah!).

Dearest Sarah, happy birthday to you, Honey, and see you in a month!

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