April 20, 2009

Here I Am!

I feel so much better. This head cold made me wonder, is my creativity dead? Has it all come to an end? Will I spend the rest of my life playing games on my iPod? It was difficult to sit still and let my body go through the process of being sick.

Silk strips from kimono linings have been hanging for a year. I love making silk rag baskets, but they are slow to sell. One basket remains in inventory and I can replenish. The first series were made in solid colors so I was excited to try a print.

I ran out of the blue/black/rose/white print and finished it in black rinzu. Ah, it feels great to say I finished something!

I've started another. Some time ago I dyed this silk during a beginning shibori class. Though not shibori-dyed, it does have varying color throughout.

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