May 29, 2009

Growing Collection

My basket collection is growing! I have another piece of silk on the table for the next one, a peachy-orange, but I might dig into the stash to find a nice green.

The size of my baskets are limited by the amount of silk I have in one color. Usually it's two pieces, about 7" x 36" -- just enough to finish a good size basket before I get bored or go crazy.

The rubber-finger-thing that's been in the photographs is an old office supply. It's useful for gripping the needle and pulling it through. It's also for scale in place of the thimble I usually include.

The jar on the left filled with silk "cotton candy" floss are the loose pieces from the torn edges. Blog Reader Doreen suggested I keep them and I figured they'll be good for felted flowers to embellish the baskets.


Doreen K. said...

See, I knew you would come up with an idea of how to use them. And don't they look luscious in that
container. You might want to rub your hands with a fabric softner sheet when you go to use them. Can't wait to see the flower you make to put on the basket. Fabulous idea!!

Eva said...

Lovely colours indeed!