May 6, 2009

I Give Up (for now)

The lack of soldering skills is killing me. The copper tape is lifting from the glass, plus I don't have enough solder on it. Okay, I peeled it back with my fingernail for the photo, but it shouldn't be coming up at all! Really very extremely super-duper monstrously frustrating. These won't be for sale this weekend as I hoped. By the time I figure this out, they will be ready for Mother's Day 2010, boohoo. But that's okay -- I can't be great at everything right away. Would be nice though.

Maybe when my package arrives from Robin with the smaller soldering tip, things will improve.

My artwork is salvageable. I really like the collages.

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Kim said...

Oh, yes! Someone else who has the same issues with soldering I have! I am currently concentrating on my sewing and spinning, but a few weeks ago, I was so frustrated with my soldering. Nice to know I am not alone. In a few more weeks maybe I can try again and have a bit more success. You too!