May 2, 2009

Lucky 13!

The winner is "Snowy" whose 13th comment was chosen here. Snowy, please email me your address and I'll send the package to you this week. Congratulations!

Thanks to all who read my blog. Thanks esp to those of you who leave comments -- feedback is always nice! Honestly, I'd be here even if you didn't visit. I've kept a journal since I was a little girl. You know the one, shiny pink with a lock on it and a simple key to hide the secrets. Going back over my blog entries reminds me how productive one can be.

Over the past few days I went crazy making pins to sell next Mother's Day weekend at the Bernardo Winery Show. With great appreciation to Terri Brush, my teacher, I'm addicted to the process she taught me!

Finally, a use for the chop with my Chinese name: signing my paper art. Although a beautiful and feminine name was given at birth, this one below is special because my Granduncle Robert gave it to me as an adult. Translated, "to effect success," this name gives deeper meaning to the effort I put into everything I do. I think Mom would say it means I'm bossy. Yup, that too!

Shopping at the local library always nets interesting tomes. Not only did I find $0.25 books to tear for collage, I also found great stuff to read (Vanity Fair and Mishima), all this for $5!

You've seen the pictures of Anita's kittens, Ridley and Mochi. Here they are sleeping together. I swear these kitties are not posing. Downright cute!

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Anonymous said...

The kitties are in love just like the owners. LOL, they are beautiful! Found out last weekend Eli has mild cat allergies. I'll give you details when I see you soon!!!
:) Tz