May 14, 2009

Maybe It's Time to Go

No, not me... but the suit-weight woolens collected over the years from Britex. I used to be a cold weather girl who loved sewing edgy clothes to wear to the office. My fashion sense was ego-driven and I stitched many outfits. Since moving to San Diego, I haven't sewn anything from two cartons that came with me. Gosh, I love these fabrics, but I'm not needy anymore for the attention my clothes got me. Now it's strictly wash and wear, 100% cotton, comfy, sometimes wrinkly, and mostly I'm content just to be covered up.

Sometimes Tien and I dream about buying a new home, one with a dedicated sewing room and a dedicated guest room, instead of the combo we have now. A dedicated sewing room would mean more space to work without having to clear for the next project, to spread out, to hoard more supplies... He showed me a house with a generous bonus room -- he knew I'd be excited.

The reality is I can only do one thing at a time. These creative projects mean giving heart and soul to cloth via needle and thread. My skipping around only produces incompletion.

We'll see about those yards of handsome woolens... In the meantime, I've gotta get down to work and finish a few things around here.

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