May 11, 2009

Post Art/Craft Fair

Our booth was open on two sides and suited us perfectly. Nancy and I had quilts to show off to traffic in both directions. Two items that got a lot of attention were my green/pink/yellow quilt and the garland hanging alongside the green/red Amish bars quilt. I sold several catnip quilts (with pocket for catnip!) and only a few lavender pillows.

ALL of Nancy's brilliant quilts received a lot of attention. We were surprised by the number of (straight) men attracted to them.

A couple of stories to share...

A quilt Nancy sold went home with a retired woman who was divorced just two months ago. The woman said she moved back in with her elderly parents. Her mother (with the cutest West Virginia accent) bought the quilt for her newly single daughter on Mother's Day as the first item for her new home. It was such a sweet gesture.

Sitting in my booth, I watched an older woman walk directly to my green/pink/yellow quilt to inspect the back. "Tsk tsk tsk," she said quite loudly to no one in particular, "It's machine quilted." Assuming her comment was meant for me to hear, I inquired, "You disapprove?" Still with her back to me and refusing to make eye contact, she stated, "I only do HAND quilting," and she walked away. Teeheehee, her arrogance was entertaining!

Regular readers of this blog might recall the challenges I face with solder work. Two vendors shared their knowledge and generously offered advice. Though we barely know each other, they are immediately like sisters. Visit Susan and Kimberly at their websites.

We met a woman whose golf buddy owns two cats named Chipper and Putter.

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