May 15, 2009

Secretary as Gatekeeper

I'm going off topic to write about secretary-stuff. (I'm so old I still use the word "secretary"...) What got me started on this post was reading Eleanor Squillari's article in the current Vanity Fair. She was Bernie Madoff's secretary for 25 years and never saw him touch a computer or a Blackberry until the media's long lense showed him huddled with his laptop through his penthouse window. If you have not read her article, go read it. If you are a secretary, her devotion to her boss will resonate. (... and, I still use the word "boss.")

Afterwards, buy the jewelry Eleanor makes at her Etsy shop. Come on, the woman needs to earn a living.

* * * * * * * *
The point of this post was to list the various phone sales cliches I collected from checking voicemails left in my former employer's general mailbox. I had to put them somewhere! Any messages with introductions like these were deleted mid-sentence. As my friend Fong used to say, "If it's not free, we can't afford it."

... giving you a call because ... is a provider of ... we are a ... touch base with you ... wanted to see if ... person directly responsible for ... find out who functions as ... we are the leader in ... reaching out to you because ... provide you with ... following up on an invitation we sent ... reason why I'm calling ...

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