May 3, 2009

Soldering Challenge

If you are in San Diego and reading this in the morning, take the time to visit the Talmadge Art Show. For a change, Nancy and I will be there as customers instead of vendors!

After preparing my slide glass art for soldering, I opened the package of my brand new 100w soldering iron, took a deep breath, and got to work, but not after putting off this task for as long as possible first. First steps are usually tentative, esp when going it alone! (Terri "Solder Teacher" Brush, where are you??)

My soldering results are not smooth yet. I was too conscious of (a) overheating the glass and cracking it and (b) overheating the copper tape and causing it to lift. There are bumps and valleys, and I've convinced myself that I actually like the variations -- it looks handmade.

This cracked glass is the result of the overheated glass OR overzealous squeezing of the pliers, yikes. Funnily enough, only the backside glass cracked -- what are the odds of that happening?

My neighbor/buddy Janice was cleaning her garage. Visiting Janice is like going into an antique store filled with really good quality items, well, all the kinds of stuff that I like: textile samples, vintage garments, mannequins, books, sewing notions, serving pieces, Chinese art, new-old stock, patterns, gloves and stockings, ribbon, handmade clothing, dolls, ooh I could go on. She was packing up for a sale and gave me a couple of goodies: a wooden letter box with MOP inlay, a ball of warm brown mohair yarn, a new-old stock shoelace with a beautiful label and a child's hanky. She also had a pair of handmade Chinese dolls, probably from the 1940s and, if Janice's sister doesn't want them, Janice will donate them to my Chinese doll collection.

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Anonymous said...

have Tien take a photo of you soldering.. do you were safety eyeglasses?