May 7, 2009

Textiles, I Know

While making small bows for the tops of the slide glass art, I saved thread and yarn clippings. Here are those clippings layered with royal blue roving.

Oh yes, it felt great to do something I am proficient at. Though I was not necessarily challenged, it certainly raised my spirits.

The long pieces of yarn that normally go into the garbage became a heart, and was made brighter with the addition of red roving.

The centerpiece is a glass pendant I made in Terri Brush's class. A tuft of pale blue yarn decorates the top (you know, the bit that comes wound on a tag when you buy a sweater) and is tied in place with hand-dyed silk ribbon. I added French knots and stitched seed beeds into a few.

Doreen K. wrote after she saw me working on slide glass pendants and, because she is changing gears in her workroom, generously offered her remaining supplies. How wonderful! My heart is warmed by her gift. Thank you Doreen!

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