May 22, 2009


Merriam-Webster uses the French word "voilà" to call attention, to express satisfaction or approval, or to suggest an appearance as if by magic.

The brilliant pink calls attention, and I'm satisfied with the job I've done, but making kimono silk rag baskets is not magical. It took roughly one day of pulling textile strips tightly to exert enough tension to make the desired shape. I used finger strength and forearm muscles. My pal Janice came over and noticed how stiff this basket is. I want the basket sides to stay firmly upright. Loose wraps make a sloppy and weak wall.

To give my finger and arm muscles a rest, I'll go back to felting for a day. I sorted my roving colors. Sitting on the floor surrounded by the dense fluff, I had an imaginative thought of green, lavender and orange sheep grazing on a hillside!

Magellan buried his nose in roving until I shooed him away. The kitties are so curious about odors of other animals. I used to repair horse blankets for a local equine service and, though blankets were freshly laundered, Coppélia loved the scent.

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Eva said...

What a pretty thing. Would be a good place to leave the jewelry over night!