June 6, 2009

Bummed All Around

Poor Tulip, she started a fever last night, which means my brother and his family stayed home instead of boarding a plane for San Diego. I'm not surprised -- Tulip's sister Natty ran a fever earlier in the week. They and we are disappointed, and we hope for a quickly rescheduled visit.

With an entirely free day, I got busy trying my new egg cooker and putting my sewing room back together.

I also started the arduous chore of going through dressmaker fabrics. Finally, it's time for them to go. Look at this silk. It'll make a gorgeous rag basket! I have no idea how much I paid for it and, I'm glad, otherwise I'd never consider tearing it into strips.

Mom de-stashed these vintage prints to me. Aren't they cool?! I keep thinking they'll make great cheong sam or fitted shifts. I also found cuttings from my 1977 prom dress and bits from my first wedding in 1988.

I think most seamstresses will appreciate this 1989 video by Jean Paul Gaultier!

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Anonymous said...

Nice fabrics!