June 7, 2009

For Sale By Owner

Going through my stash of dressmaking fabrics brought back memories. Some still have original Britex remnant tags. Britex was the standard I grew up with -- to this day, no other California fabric store compares for me. Other woolens came from Paron Fabrics in NYC, where much of their stock was bolt ends from fashion designers -- I'm keeping those. I was encouraged to buy more when the last remaining yard was offered at half price. I left the store with two shopping bags and without $300.

I reduced my supply by one-third. Now I must find homes for them. First choice to you, dear Blog Readers, any piece for $10 plus postage (actual) via PayPal. Please leave a comment to lay claim (indicate item number too). Most are from Britex, unless marked otherwise. Please email for more information. They'll be available until Saturday, then they'll be on Etsy or eBay.

1. Alençon lace yardage and pieces
2. Cotton batik, purple/fuchsia, 3-1/3 yards, 39" (can't recall where this is from)
3. Striped silk, off-white with stripes green/yellow and red/yellow w/jacquard pattern, 1-1/2 yards, 54"
4. Pink ribbed knit (unknown fiber), 2-way stretch, 3 yards, 36"
5. Four woolens: fuchsia 3/4 yard, 58"; off-white, 1/2 yard, 58"; plaid 2/3 yard, 58"; pale pink 3/4 yard, 60"
6. Off-white slubby (unknown fiber), 4 yards, 60"
7. Off-White smooth (unknown fiber, probably wool or wool-blend), 2 yards, 56"
8. Rose wool, 2-3/8 yards, 56"
9. Pink check wool, 2 yards, 58", "AS IS" (I could never find the problem)
10. Orchid synthetic knit, 2-1/3 yards, 60"
11. Hawaiian bark cloth: blue background, 1 yard, 38"; red background, 1-1/2 yard, 40" (from Kapaia Stitchery, Kauai)
12. Red wool, 2 yards, 60" (from Yardage Town)

I had a feeling I'd like using this silk for a basket!

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