June 5, 2009

Gathering Materials

My munchkins (and their parents) will be arriving this afternoon and I've been transforming the sewing room to a guest room. Munchkin-hands get into everything and I'm putting stuff away. The last visitors we had were spooked by dolls on the wall, so I'll hang a silk curtain over them.

I gathered materials for crafts with my nephew and nieces, with intentions to sew, teach crocheting and stitch colorful yarn on tee-shirts. Once again, Danny Mansmith provides inspiration -- maybe we'll do yarn and thread-wrapped dolls too. Pictures to come!

We had crazy weather two days ago. The biggest chunks of hail I'd ever seen in San Diego pounded down around us. Thunder boomed over our house, frightening the kitties and setting off car alarms. It surprised us all.


Eva said...

You're lucky to be bombed with peas. In Bavaria, they can have the size of dove eggs or walnuts.

Eva said...

... just to add the evidence: