June 22, 2009

Silk Snob and Fleas

Silk fabric has been made for thousands of years. Production was a guarded secret. It was reserved for Chinese emperors and their families and, over time, it became a form of currency. Millennia later, we still think highly of it.

But, really, it's a bitch to work with. When torn into strips, those fine wisps that loosen from edges are the biggest annoyance. Why do I buy into its snob-appeal? I finished the last black basket and, argh, those wisps!

This turquoise kimono lining is synthetic. The tears are clean and threads from raw edges are minimal. This makes it a dream to work with. Progress on this basket is swift!

Aren't these sparkly baubles fun? When I saw them at the flea market, I imagined them embellishing a doll's bodice or her hair. How I could I say no to $1.50 for all five pieces?

These children's books were published in the early 1960s. I was a child then, so no surprise I was drawn to them. I've lost my touch (courage) at bargaining and paid $10 for 13 books.

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