June 2, 2009

So What is it About Fabric?

Just when I decided to stop making rag baskets after this series, the itch to gather additional supplies returned. To be honest, the name of the itch is Acquire More Fabric. Then, I'll be prepared to make baskets in case I change my mind. You see, I found myself online searching for more (yes, going to the computer and Googling textiles can be an unconscious act). Somehow I held back -- I decided to shop my stash first. I have yards and yards of vintage silk in varying shades of white (even after sharing a chunk of it with M2), all of which is perfect for dying. One of these days I'll gather the courage to dye fabric. My cousin Cheryl keeps telling me how easy it is.

Okay, so I've done some dye work before. Granted, it was at Doshi's house at a shibori workshop. After class, Doshi let me toss a piece of plain silk into the pink pot. I made this tiny 3" x 1" basket from leftovers from another basket.

My munchkins and their parents will be staying with us for five days, so I've got to clear the studio to make room for the Murphy bed. I know the kids will want to make stuff.

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