August 31, 2009

"Desires of the Heart"

Desires of the Heart was my bridal accessories business in San Francisco. Everything was made-to-order, hence the name. Primarily, it was headpieces and veils. You might imagine how I loved this work with all the necessary handstitching, details and design work. Cloud-like veil samples hung on a blue wall. It was beautiful and I wish I had a picture to share. I learned a lot about myself with this business and closed it when pressures I put on myself outweighed the pleasure.

I used this Butterick pattern like crazy. Before laying out the pieces, I had to iron the tissue on low so it would lay flat on tulle. Now that I'm purging the sewing room closet, I'm feeling nostalgic about this pattern. I don't feel the same about the two Vogue patterns that got little use.

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