October 7, 2009

Magnetic Bulletin Board / Wall

UPDATE 10/6/09
SEVEN coats from one quart of primer -- that's pretty thin paint. Again, the primer went onto a section 18" x 10'4" and magnets do adhere. A final update to come once the painting is complete. BTW, if you're going to do this, don't rinse your roller in the sink -- who knows what happens after all those particles go down your drain. Buy a disposable roller and throw it away at the end. In between coats, keep the wet roller in a plastic bag. This assumes you will paint every day.

UPDATE 10/1/09:
After SIX coats of magnetic primer, a fairly strong magnet adhered with the kind of strength I hoped for, although it will never be like the fridge. For each coat of paint, I generously loaded the "wienie roller" -- I did not skimp. There is a bit of paint remaining in the can, so it will be the seventh layer. The black will be topcoated with White Solitude, so my next worry is, will the magnets stick? I hope so. I want my fabric swatches, photos and magazine tearouts on this wall.

UPDATE 9/28/09:
After three coats of magnetic primer, a low-strength magnet barely adhered. I've got enough primer in the can for a total of five layers. Don't try this until I report results! One disappointed person is enough. :-(

I just painted an 1.5' x 10' portion of my studio wall with primer. This primer is metallic, that is, it has metal in it. After three layers of primer, it will be top-coated in a color called White Solitude, and magnets will stick. How's that for a bulletin board/inspiration wall?! Pretty neat stuff! Here's a discussion thread. Seems the only health hazard is the potential for little kids to swallow magnets.

BEWARE: Rust-Oleum's website says light grey, however, the primer color is more like nearly black.

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Nancy said...

I hope it works, it is a great idea.