November 27, 2009

Beyond Saturation Point

Here it is, my new studio, with many more things than I have space for. I'm moving back in and weeding out unwanted/unfinished items.

I've limited storage to a reach-in closet, three Ikea kitchen cabinets and a baker's rack. If it doesn't fit, then there is more than I need. Five sewing machines is far too many, even if they each do different things (standard, serger, embroidery, blind hem, felting).

I realize many items have been a way to hold onto my past and, as I age, the past has less importance. The present holds more weight. Acknowledging this has allowed me to let go (throw away) -- it's freeing. Today I decided to toss every movie ticket from the 14 years my husband and I have been together, among other keepsakes. This is an idea of what I save, along with every bit of fabric that could be used in another project, yikes.

Other things I like to hoard are blank notebooks and containers of all sizes. I'm sure my therapist would have an explanation for this.

Be on the lookout for giveaways. Maybe you can benefit from my over-spending.

1 comment:

zelzee said...

I find it impossible to throw anythng away............
I am always sure I will find a use for the most bizarre of items.

Congrats on your purging!