November 22, 2009

Talmadge Art Show

I finished working on my new display the day before Talmadge Art Show and was very happy with the outcome. I knew there would be things to work out once I began using it. The only thing I hadn't fully considered was lighting.

Installation at the show was easy. I could carry two shelves without much trouble, although Tien's help always makes set-up easier. The skirt goes on with Velcro, so there's no need to make sure a tablecloth is on straight.

I'm usually behind my table but the back-drop doesn't allow that. I like to hide administrative stuff (and coffee) too, with tissue for wrapping (seen on the left side here). Eventually I worked it out and the Velcro skirt allowed for access to these items which I hid below.

My next tackle is lighting. Items under shelves were dark, plus different heights for display might have worked better. No one recognized the hat/scarf set on the Ikea vase for wine gifts, so I'll have to drink a half-bottle before the next show.

Here are a couple of images of the show. Even with the slow economy, this show is always fun to do.

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