March 24, 2010

Open to Interpretation

I don't like making clothing alterations, for me or for other people, so I can't tell you what I was thinking when I agreed to shorten three casual pants and a pair of unlined curtains for a friend. First we looked at the pants, which he explained were brand new. Someone he knew was cleaning out their closet and gave these to him. The pants still had tags on them. Call me anal, but I wash new pants before hemming. Dryers always shorten things, unless they're synthetic, and even some of these shrink too. Then he showed me the curtains. I said, "You'll have to launder these first." He said, "They're brand new, only three months old. They're clean." I noticed his 65 lbs. dog's bed up against the curtains, plus the curtains had a good deal of loose fur stuck to it. Euww, yuck.

Now I know how frugal this friend is and, with the thought of all that grossness invadeing my sewing room, I decided it would be better to tell him about Ann's Alterations on Miramar Road that charges $5 to hem pants. That's less than I was going to charge, not including the gross-out up-charge.

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Elizabeths Attic said...

Hello. Just come across your blog as I was browsing and I totally agree with you. A friend said to me in passing love the dress have you made it and of course preening I said yes she then went on to say oh perhaps you could make me a few summer tops they are very simple and I found myself saying yes of course and then the whole project has just taken on a mind of its own. Ah well 'we live and learn' perhaps if you have a free moment you can come visit me at