March 23, 2010

Wire Cloche

Magellan, our 12 year old black kitty, thinks he's a cow (I know, this is a rerun). Our plants have to be imprisoned to keep him from munching on them. This is an ornamental pomegranate tree, a bonsai. The guy at the nursery said the plant produces the cutest little fruit. The plant is doing well. Two weeks at home and I see new shoots already. The bird came in a package that says the feathers were sanitized. Do you know how to keep a bonsai small?

I made the wire cloches from vinyl-covered hex netting, aka "chicken wire." Soon these will be embellished and available on Etsy and, possibly, at my next show.

NOTE TO VERA: Thank you for your interest, Vera. Until I begin embellishing, I won't know what to charge. Please stay tuned!

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Vera Wang said...

Have you already set a price for them?