April 7, 2010

Kicking My Ass

Our friend Benzo was here this weekend. Maybe you remember me talking about him previously; he's an interior designer -- we call him the "Minister of Our Interior." Super-creative and talented person that he is, he was on me the whole time to make a wall hanging for our house. He came up with appropriate dimensions, then kept throwing out ideas, sketching things on paper, pointing out details, and making me think. Well, IT WORKED, and I started remembering how to stitch/create/explore. On the drive to the airport, I figured out what the background fabric would be -- oh JOY! After dropping him off, I was so engrossed in thought that I missed my exit. I went into the house and started pulling things from my stash.

The background fabric is pieced: one portion with horizontal stripes and the other, vertical. The purple bolt is velvet that will be incorporated, and the lavender/black piece is vintage Chinese embroidery and the intended focal point.

Up close, the background fabric is sari fabrics, torn into strips and woven into this textural cloth.

These are the first few things I pulled. There will be edits and additions. Tomorrow I'll make a trip to the yarn store(s) for deep red and purple chunky yarns. I've got couching in mind for them.

I also ordered this yummy mohair wool from a yearling, purchased from Dyeing For Color on Etsy. She always has GREAT stuff!

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Nancy said...

It looks like an excellent start. Can't wait to see how it progresses