April 19, 2010

"Migi Kata Agari"

Masami has been visiting this week! What a treat it is to spend time with my friend. The last time we saw each other was in Kyoto in 2007, but we regularly talk, thanks to Skype. I have known Masami for 23 years now. She is precious to me, so much fun and always a joy to be with.

This is the proper orientation of the 60"x30" wall hanging. As I explained to Masami how the strips came to be laid out and stitched as they are, she taught me a Japanese phrase which is SO appropriate to this work. Literally translated, migi kata agari means "right shoulder upwards" and refers to advancements in career or personal growth. It's just too perfect!

I got the idea to ask Masami to write migi kata agari on narrow strips of silk. They will become small flags sewn to the final layer of the wall hanging and my dear friend was pleased to contribute to the piece. The silk strips were ironed to freezer paper to make writing easier.

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handmadehappiness said...

this is lovely something you can look at everyday and remember your time shared i love it..... i live far away from dear friends also an treasure the moment's we actually share :)x