May 11, 2010

Creative Funk

Hi, my name is Lauren and I'm in a creative funk. I am struggling with lack of motivation, so small projects come and go, and some don't get finished, or even begun. Today I'm making pillows. It's another beginning; it's a start. Self-restoration comes slowly, but surely. Just gotta keep pushing myself, because I know creativity will return eventually, in full force and then some. Bear with me, my stops, and my starts. The small white pillow is today's accomplishment -- hurray for me!

May 1, 2010

May Day! May Day!

The arms of my husband's home office chair required an emergency repair. He asked me to cover them using leftover fabric from his pillow and our kitchen stools. We had exactly enough for this project.

He removed the arms from the chair. Layers of quilt batting scraps softened the edges of the rubber.

Making it up as I went along, the batting was conformed to the curves with hand stitches. Next, I did the same thing with the decorative fabric, but forgot to take a photo to show you. Lots of pins were involved to hold the pleats in place until stitched securely.

Black cotton/polyester woven was for covering pleats and hand stitches. Running stitches in peach thread made turning the curved edge under a lot easier.

Running stitches in black thread held the turned edged in place.

Lastly, blind stitches secure the black fabric to the decorative fabric. I punched holes for the screws, then Fray Checked the edges. Bulletproof sewing!