July 29, 2010

Hand Sewn Closure

I'm on a roll, a slowww roll, but at least I'm sewing. Although being in a funk still challenges me, three 24" pillows went fairly quickly. By quickly, I mean three days, which is slowww... For me, hand-sewing is easier than putting in a zipper.

The quilt top in the previous post isn't finished. It needed black for a narrow border and, three fabric stores later, I finally found black woven 100% cotton. It should be easy right? Quilt In A Day was out of stock; Yardage Town has polyester blends -- good ol' Joann's rescued me with a pre-packaged "Quick Cut" of three yards.

July 6, 2010

Nine Patch Border

Nine patch blocks stand out when bordered by posts and sashings, but that's not what I have planned. The finished quilt will be a 30th birthday present for my cousin Brian. I'm afraid he'll be a few months past his birthday by the time he gets it, as my favorite quilter's workshop is temporarily closed while she moves.

There's something to be said about using good quality thread. The center of this quilt (not shown) was done by another person. The thread melted under the cotton-setting of my iron, dissolving the stitches. Most likely, it was polyester, which couldn't stand up to the high heat. All is not lost: resewing the seam is easy.