September 29, 2010

Chasing Circles

The last of the running stitches is in and the circles are secured.  The placement of the circles gives the design a lot of movement (in my eyes).  The outside border is next. Usually-Lazy-Me is going to miter the corners this time. Hopefully I have enough fabric!

September 27, 2010

Running with Stitches

Red, brown and green circles populate the quilt top now. In my eyes, it looks so much better! Once all the circles are hand-stitched, I'll share the whole thing. For now, here is a close up of raw edge circles and my running stitches. My pal Nancy will quilt it for me. Nancy's gorgeous quilts are for sale here.

September 26, 2010

Nook Table

Don'tcha love quick projects?!  This will cover the table in our kitchen nook.  Our kitchen is mostly white and this will bring in some color.  This quilt needs a squiggle of red appliqued circles.  (As shown here, the border isn't sewn on yet.)
42" x 58" finished

September 25, 2010

In Earnest

I think I've found my way back into the saddle.  I've been sewing all day!  For me, since being in this funk, sewing all day is a good sign.

I pieced the back of a quilt which seems to have taken forever.  It's ready to be sent to my quilter, Ellen Patton.

A pair of pants were shortened too.  With my diminutive size, everything must be taken up...  (Being short is not as cute as you think, esp at the supermarket when what I need is on the upper shelves.)

I also made a table cloth out of an old sheet for my sewing table.  The primary purpose is to keep kitty fur off of unfinished projects.  Nothing fancy, except for the stitching on the edge -- just practical.

September 24, 2010

Wolf E. Myrow, Inc.

Remember that final scene in Indiana Jones movie, "Raiders of the Lost Ark," where the ark is being stored in a government warehouse filled with assumed treasures? This is where I felt I was when entering Wolf E. Myrow. This jewelry findings business in Providence, Rhode Island is stocked to the rafters with boxes filled with every imaginable finding, AND I ONLY HAD 30 MINUTES TO SHOP before catching our plane back to San Diego! As it's a wholesale-only business, you must buy in quantity to meet minimums. Most of their stock is vintage. I am salivating as I write this. Next time, if there is a "next time," my plan is to spend several hours. They have a main floor, a basement, two front rooms, a finished jewelry room, and they all look like this!

Thanks ever so much to Nantucket Mermaid for the resource!

September 23, 2010

Nantucket Mermaid

A few days ago I met Jeanne van Etten, an artist on Nantucket island in Massachusetts. Inside her tiny shop I was surrounded with artistic doodles and a playful color sense -- I felt as if I were dancing on a wedding cake! If I had a shop, I'd want it to be as enchanting as Jeanne's. (The picture is extra-large so you can see all the treasures -- just click on it.)

Jeanne's business cards at the visitor's center are also a work of art. I knew right away it was a place I wanted to visit. In case you can't get to Nantucket, visit Jeanne's Etsy shop and keep up with her on her blog.

September 7, 2010

Faded Chalcedony

It's hard to remember what color these beads used to be. Maybe they were pink. When I purchased them, I knew they were color treated (heat or dye, I didn't ask). Now I would say the shade is a sort of non-color.

September 2, 2010

Hat/Scarf Knitting

I started this project about a week ago using Noro's Silk Garden Sock Yarn in wool/silk/nylon/kid mohair and 3.5mm circular needles. The variegated yarn has really great colors and I can't wait to get to the greens, golds and purples. I'm using a simple pattern that starts with an increase on one side only, creating a 45 degree angle. Eventually, the knitting becomes a scarf with two pointed ends. Fold in half, sew a few stitches, and it's then a hat with scarf ends. The pattern is called Garter-Stitch Balaclavas, even though it's not technically a balaclava. So what? The point is to keep my ears warm if I walk on the beach in the winter.

My knitting stitches aren't perfect like my mother's but it's a productive thing to do when we're watching TV. In the beginning, my first projects utilized big, fat yarn to finish quickly. Now I like to knit fine yarns. I've even got size 2.25mm after I was inspired by knitwear made for the movie Coraline. The knitter, Althea Crome, must be using heavy gauge sewing needles to knit her projects.

The embroidering on my hat is complete. What do you think? Does it need a few beads, more embroidered color, or should I leave it alone? I think I'm done.

September 1, 2010

Hat Squiggles

I like mindless squiggles that look like handwriting. My new hat is getting the treatment in perl cotton chain stitches. You can see where rivets were removed and left holes. Maybe I can cover them with beads.