September 2, 2010

Hat/Scarf Knitting

I started this project about a week ago using Noro's Silk Garden Sock Yarn in wool/silk/nylon/kid mohair and 3.5mm circular needles. The variegated yarn has really great colors and I can't wait to get to the greens, golds and purples. I'm using a simple pattern that starts with an increase on one side only, creating a 45 degree angle. Eventually, the knitting becomes a scarf with two pointed ends. Fold in half, sew a few stitches, and it's then a hat with scarf ends. The pattern is called Garter-Stitch Balaclavas, even though it's not technically a balaclava. So what? The point is to keep my ears warm if I walk on the beach in the winter.

My knitting stitches aren't perfect like my mother's but it's a productive thing to do when we're watching TV. In the beginning, my first projects utilized big, fat yarn to finish quickly. Now I like to knit fine yarns. I've even got size 2.25mm after I was inspired by knitwear made for the movie Coraline. The knitter, Althea Crome, must be using heavy gauge sewing needles to knit her projects.

The embroidering on my hat is complete. What do you think? Does it need a few beads, more embroidered color, or should I leave it alone? I think I'm done.

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