September 23, 2010

Nantucket Mermaid

A few days ago I met Jeanne van Etten, an artist on Nantucket island in Massachusetts. Inside her tiny shop I was surrounded with artistic doodles and a playful color sense -- I felt as if I were dancing on a wedding cake! If I had a shop, I'd want it to be as enchanting as Jeanne's. (The picture is extra-large so you can see all the treasures -- just click on it.)

Jeanne's business cards at the visitor's center are also a work of art. I knew right away it was a place I wanted to visit. In case you can't get to Nantucket, visit Jeanne's Etsy shop and keep up with her on her blog.


Nantucket Mermaid said...

Thanks, Lauren! It was so nice to meet you .Hope you'll get out here again soon and go to all of the thrift shops! :)----<

Nancy said...

Looks like a great shop!