October 28, 2010

Demons of Self-Doubt

Getting back into my creative rhythm is still challenging. There are voices (my own) saying, "You don't know what you're doing. Your work is ugly. Put it all away and stop making attempts at creativity."  Sometimes the work feels good. Sometimes it feels small and insignificant, like right now. Does this happen to you?

I will keep plugging away.  I'm sure this malady is a conquerable, temporary condition.

30" x 60" unfinished; woven sari cloth, burned tulle and other sheers, chain stitch squiggles in mohair, beading and hand-stitching, and vintage Chinese embroidery


krex said...

Self doubt has been a life long companion . I find it is quiter when I am creating something for myself and loudest when I am trying to make something I think others might like....especially if I plan on trying to sell it . When I only have to please my own tastes and color pallet I am usually less critical and enjoy the process much more . Hope you work through this as your work is very interesting .

Sarah said...

Your work is ALWAYS BEAUTIFUL. There are some that are not my taste, but I always appreciate your talent and eye and your creativity! Don't make me come there and kick your butt! I LOVE YOU AND YOUR WORK! :)