November 2, 2010


It's nice to finish something!  A couple of years ago my youngest cousin Brian found a quilt on Etsy and asked if I could make it for him.  Since I planned to sew a quilt for his 30th birthday present, his choice made it easy.  It also gave me a two year head start, and I allowed myself lots of starts/stops along the way.  During the process, I also remembered I don't like sewing-to-order anymore.  I fussed and futzed with a pieced border, but only one row of it ended up as part of the quilt (to cover Brian's bed pillows and not visible in photo).  Quilts, like many other things I make, come together more smoothly when I have control of the whole project, but that's okay, Brian!

Punzie on Etsy made the Yoshi character (Mario Brothers' figure) and I pieced the rest.  Ellen Patton quilted on her long-arm machine.  I did the binding.  Phew, FINISHED!

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