March 28, 2011

Little Circles of Stitching

Purse hooks were all the rage in 2008, but I still have leftover hardware and a desire to stitch in a tiny format. These 1.25" circles will be attached to collapsible hooks and sold at my next show (see sidebar). Keep your handbag off the restaurant floor, esp if you put it on the kitchen counter when you get home.

I will have a studio sale on May 7th, Saturday, the day before Mother's Day and a week before Talmadge Art Show. You'll have first choice before the general public. The studio sale will be by appointment, so please send me an email.

March 26, 2011

Tulip Wants to Twirl

My five year old niece Megan, aka "Tulip," wants to wear long dresses that twirl. I found this pattern and made a skirt for her -- she asked for sparkly blue. The skirt functions like an apron so she won't outgrow it for a while.

March 24, 2011

I'm Not a Painter ...

... but this is what I painted. These canvases are 3' x 3' and were scary to work on. It took more than a year to gather my courage. The size intimidated me! Benzo, our interior designer, issued the challenge when he suggested a vertical format for our dining room wall. Color mixing is not a skill I have, but using pre-mixed acrylic house paint solved some of that and ensured the painting would work well in our house. The red is color-matched to our dining room curtains. Qing dynasty woodblock prints are collaged and, in the background is my secret writing. Yes, there really is a message in my painting!