July 24, 2011

Secret Writing, Two

I added two more layers of secret writing. The writings are stream of consciousness blather and really do say something, none of which is very interesting. I was inspired to merge aqua and red due to a recent comment by pal Nancy (quilter extraordinaire!) -- it's her current favorite combination. The third photo is a canvas that I forgot to include the other day. The canvases will get lines of stitching, then cut into smaller pieces. Stay with me!

July 23, 2011

Secret Writing

Stay with me. I promise these are going somewhere. As they are so far: canvas scraps, layered with gel medium, tissue paper and secret writing with $1 squeeze bottle acrylic paint.

July 22, 2011

Dream Machine

This little beauty is nearly mine. It belonged to Margaret, the spinster aunt of my dear friend Betsy. Betsy gave me first crack at this 1939 Featherweight model 221-1 and, tomorrow, it is going into the shop for servicing. I took the machine apart and cleaned it, but there are places I don't dare go. The electrical cord is crumbling too, which the shop will rewire. Featherweights are legendary for their perfectly straight stitches. I want to see what they're all talking about! Additionally, I'll have a 3/4-size sewing machine to take with me when Tien wants to go on golf trips.

Inside the tray of attachments was a small ruler. Read carefully and you'll be transported in time. "Instructress" is not a word we use these days, but is oh so lovely to utter. Miss Spain's sewing school is gone now and, in its place is a Bank of America building.

July 10, 2011

Master of None

These past few months, my concentration has been less than focused. Creatively, I'm all over the place. Following is an example, which has nothing to do with the cloth I'm so fond of.

My sister Janine and I bought tillandsia plants. Making holders for them gave me reason to use a coil of costly copper tubing that I acquired years ago. After bending several holders into shapes, Janine discovered that copper is poisonous to tillandsias! I sprayed the copper with two coats of clear lacquer to protect them.