August 31, 2011


The high waist and shape of this doll's garment reminds me of a South Korean hanbok. Do you agree or disagree? Of course, the doll's version has a more elaborate hemline. She also wears fishnet stockings, with one side denser than the other. As with my recent others, this was a Nancy Ann Story Book Doll made of bisque, who had also lost legs and arms before coming to me. This 9" doll has bigger hair and longer legs than in her previous incarnation as a little girl.

August 25, 2011

Failure with Scale

My idea to make a textured and asymmetrical skirt failed because the florets are too big for an 8" doll. Rethinking...

August 22, 2011

Fishnet Stockings

I'm working on a doll in shades of black and white. She's got fishnet stockings -- so much fun to create!

August 6, 2011

As Far As I Got...

I asked you to stay tuned and here's what you get for your efforts, my efforts after Secret Writing, Two. The painted canvases were stitched and cut, then painted again, and bits of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet were added. Oh, what a lot of beautiful lines! I haven't decided whether these will become magnets or one large, textured work. We shall see.

August 2, 2011


I don't normally like classic poetry, except for use in collage work, and I found this. It kinda fits the situation in my sewing room.

Certain Artists Bring Her Dolls and Drawings

Bring where our Beauty lies
A new modelled doll, or drawing,
With a friend's or an enemy's
Features, or maybe showing
Her features when a tress
Of dull red hair was flowing
Over some silken dress
Cut in the Turkish Fashion,
Or, it may be, like a boy's.
We have given the world our passion,
We have naught for death but toys.

--William Butler Yeats