September 29, 2011

Separation Anxiety

You know the feeling: You've spent hours on a project, stitched diligently, solved design issues, overcame every challenge and, in short, put all your heart into it -- then it's over. That's where I am today. I went from Point A to Point B, and enjoyed/suffered all the bumps in between, least of all the lack of creative desire that comes when the monsters in my head are telling me my work is cutesy, isn't good or my design is stupid. But after all, I'm satisfied and happy with this work, and it's time to say goodbye. That's assuming customers will take them home this Saturday [see sidebar]. I'll pack them away with the rest of inventory, then admire my work one last time while I put them on display. Also, it's funny how insecurities vanish once a doll is finished. Monsters, be gone!

I just completed this one. The colors are out of my comfort zone which made for an interesting project. I liked the challenge! Once I realized that, I fantasized being in a fabric store, tapping a fellow shopper on the shoulder, and asking her/him which brocade/silk/whatever appeals the most. Then I'd go with that choice so I don't end up with red and gold or blue and purple again. It's like going to a salad bar with a friend, scooping the various ingredients onto your plate, then trading with the friend in order to eat something different from the usual. Only thing is, the mind must be open to the idea.

A couple of my dolls have sleepy eyes, that is, the lids close when the doll is laid on her back. Though my girls are meant to go onto the wall, their lids are painted to match their clothes. What a shock of color!

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