October 9, 2011

I Got What I Paid For

New merchandising props for my art show booth required two decorative frames. Add chicken wire and richly textured Mary McFadden-ish pleated fabric and, voilà, doll displays!

I went to Michaels with my frugality and resourcefulness. Instead of spending $45 on two wood frames without glass, I came home with really cheap, preframed "art," removed the thin glass, art and backing, and was left with the empty frames I needed. It turns out I gypped myself instead. After ripping out the artwork, I discovered the frames were made of dense foam core. WHO WOULD HAVE GUESSED IT?! Foam core??

Finding out the frames weren't wood was bad news. No wonder they were so lightweight. They damage very easily after using a staple-gun on the backside. These will fall apart sooner than I want, so I'll end up going back to Michaels to get solid wood after all.

UPDATE 10/10/11, 4:15pm
While testing the new frames on my display rack, the hanging hardware came loose. I was headed upstairs to glue it back together and then I tripped, fell, skinned my arm and broke the frame. The foam core frame is a goner. Now I have to spend more money (like I should have in the first place) and get proper wood frames. I'm really mad.


krex said...

I get the best frames at our local thrift stores . I found some really ornate pieces and many are constructed better then modern items, some due need a bit of wood glue and clamping to stabilize old nails . Lots of luck .

Lauren said...

dear krex, thanks for writing. i wish i'd thought of that! thanks for the idea. guess where i'm going next? :-)