October 31, 2011

New Signage

This is the new sign for my art show display. Previously, I never had any signage, except for item descriptions and price tags, but those are dinky. Loretta (BFF and merchandising expert) said my booth needs an identity. I've been doing shows for many years and, sadly, I'm just now getting around to this. As for the doll, I may have to keep her. Red Ferraris are known to be ticket-magnets, and I'm hoping the image of this red doll will draw patrons closer like the CHP to an exotic red car screaming down the freeway.
This mock-up is how everything will look once the image is printed and mounted. My husband did the graphic work for me. I can count on Tien for good advice too.
Lastly, my 10' x 10' white tent needs some pizzazz. Without front door signage, all white booths look the same. How would anyone find me?

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