October 2, 2011

Post-Show Photos

On Saturday, Nancy and I shared a booth at the Master Gardeners' Autumn Garden Tour & Market. There were 40 vendors selling everything from plants, garden decorations, birdhouses, ceramic pottery, items decorated with succulents, to vertical gardening supplies, among other things. The weather was beautiful and there was a nice breeze which, every now and then, kicked up and gave our tents a good shimmy. Nancy sold quilts and I sold lavender pillows, tillandsias and wire cloches. We had a good time visiting with folks and fellow vendors. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and made purchases. We appreciate you.

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Susan said...

How lovely your booth looks! I hope you did well. Haven't seen you in awhile but from your posts I know you keep busy. Nice to see all your creative posts.
Susan (Charming Trinkets)