October 21, 2011

Satisfied, I Think

I'm getting ready for this season's shows by tweaking my display. The picture frames are lined with chicken wire and cloth for exhibiting altered dolls, and the shelves will hold lavender pillows and all the other textile treats made in my studio.

Previously, I had a long table and stood behind it which seemed to allow patrons to examine wares without pressure. After I changed to this 6' rack and hung a red curtain in the back, standing in front was uncomfortable, as if preventing folks from venturing closer. Then I tried to display the dolls on a shelf turned sideways, but it appeared makeshift. I think I've got it now with the picture frames and the ability to see out from behind them, but the real test will be on the selling floor.

The next projects include a store sign and making the table skirt more interesting/less bare. Suggestions for gussying up the skirt, anyone?

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