October 17, 2011

This Ain't No Sweatshop

Similar doll bodies were made a few years ago. They're tall, with exaggerated skinny limbs. This is the only one in a seated position. The hand-dyed shibori skirt is a Doshi remnant and the bodice of textural florets is from an August failure that works perfectly for this 21" doll. The doll's head was made some time ago too, during an experiment in 3-dimensional noggins. Under the black and white skirt is a sheer pumpkin petticoat that gives the silk some substance. To be made next is a Christian LaCroix-inspired shrug from another piece of sheer pumpkin which lays to the right of the doll.

I also used the same beading technique on the hem as other recent doll skirts. It gives a finished look that I like, and also gives weight to the edge of the skirt so it hangs properly.

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