November 8, 2011

Colors of Another Era

I've been cutting vintage and new Chinese silk brocade for lavender pillows. Most of my brocades were from Hong Kong during the late 1950s and early 1960s. China was closed to foreigners; Hong Kong, under British rule, was open to tourists. Ladies had custom-fitted dresses made in Hong Kong, or they brought yardage back to the U.S. as gifts or intending to have it made into a garment here. Notice the abundance of aqua, a popular color of the period. Can you tell which brocades are brand new? Hint: gold, royal, lavender and red.

These woolens and silks were shibori-dyed by Doshi. They'll be filled with French lavender too and will be a nice addition to what folks normally see in my booth. Doshi has a vivid sense of color, all of which I am attracted to.

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