January 13, 2012

Cross-body Kindle Pouch

My nephew Ryan was given a Kindle Touch for Christmas and I thought he needed a proper pouch to carry it to/from his grandparents's house. At the fabric store, he chose this elephant batik and had only one request, "I don't want it to look like a purse" -- an appropriate comment from a boy!

With fusible batting in between two layers of batik, I outline-quilted the elephant on the flap, then stitched diagonally across the rest. French side seams encased the raw edges with a finished look. The pouch is meant to be worn across Ryan's body, so I sewed in nylon webbing with a buckle and made it adjustable for a growing boy. The pouch stays closed over a wooden button with a black hair band because I was too lazy to go to the fabric store for a tiny piece of elastic.

Inside, there is a flat pocket for the USB cable. This elephant was also outline-quilted, but without batting.

The pouch folds closed over the extended top of the main pocket to secure his device. Sure, I could make these to sell, but I won't (long hours, custom fit for various devices, fabric choices won't suit everyone).

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