January 29, 2012

Tumblers Quilt Top

I bought a new toy and took it out of the box today, an Accuquilt Go! fabric die cutter. Every year I give up quilting, only to pick it up once again and, with this, new ideas are filling my head. The die cutter comes with a die and cutting mat, but I also wanted the 6.5" tumbler die which was an extra cost.

After reading the (simple) instructions, I began cutting at 1:30p and, by 6:30, the quilt top was done. It's small, 34" x 36", but the speed with which I cranked out the tumblers was extraordinary! A few thoughts: Fabric gets wasted, although not a lot; I didn't iron out folds before cutting; two or three layers is my favorite amount to cut; the cutting mat gets pretty chewed up; the cut pieces are exactly the same size and piece together beautifully. This project is also the first top I've made on the Featherweight.

I am coveting the apple core, although it will be hard to decide which one to buy. Tumblers and apple cores will make great backgrounds for art stitching I envision on the surface.

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Sarah B. said...

Wow, Lauren. That looks great!!! I'm so scared of quilting...I might need your guidance.