February 15, 2012

Silk Tumblers Panel

There were so many rules to sewing with silk that I'd forgotten, simple things, such as changing to a brand new, appropriately-sized, sewing machine needle -- I should have called my sewing goddess, Nedra Michalek, for advice first! A lot of seams were unstitched and resewn due to shifting under the presser foot (and oh those bias edges!), but I stayed calm and it's finished now. There are sheers in my stash, also shibori-dyed, to be added for texture. Free-form random organic shapes, raw edges and lots of handsewing are filling my head. This panel measures 20" x 40".

February 10, 2012

Onto the Next Project

The tumblers quilt in the previous post was a blunder. What was I thinking when I decided to leave out the yellow blocks? Blue and red was terribly dull, so the yellow border was cast aside for something else. I donated the tumblers-blunder top to Rosie's Calico Cupboard.

I'm still working with tumbler blocks, only these are smaller at 3" and cut from shibori-dyed silk, and I'm sewing the rows. Silk behaves differently from quilting cotton, to say the very least! Shown here is 1/3 of the wall hanging. The door is closed to keep kitties from chasing their tails on the floor where the blocks are laid out. Sewing silks on a bias edge is challenging to say the least, so I'm giving myself plenty of leeway so I'll stay calm. After a few rows, I started to enjoy the careful work. It's not so tedious after all.

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