March 4, 2012

La-Z-Girl Armchair Caddy

The various types of needlework I do in front of the TV requires organizational help, esp when using pins and needles. How many sharp things I've lost, oh dear, it's a wonder I haven't been stuck! You will recognize this batik from Ryan's Kindle bag. The base of the caddy was quilted. Then I folded fabric to make double-thickness pockets. There wasn't a pattern; I made it up as I went along.

Pure wool roving, meant for use in my Embellisher felting machine, happened to be a good match for the fabric but, never mind, no one knows bc it's tucked inside the pincushion. The pincushion can be removed when not in use by unbuttoning it from the base, like right now when I'm knitting.

The outside pocket is deep enough to hold two skeins of Red Heart yarn. Lately I've been knitting with Red Heart Soft Yarn which comes in smaller skeins than the Super Saver. The pocket stay open with boning sewn inside a casing.

The pleated bottom allows for all the space. Classic quilt binding was the finish of choice. In this case, I sewed it on in two pieces, with the final piece over the pleated bottom.

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