March 1, 2012

Laying Low

Activity in my sewing room has been anything but stagnant. This is the time of year to catch up on personal projects before sewing for shows begins again.

A border was added to the small tumblers quilt (37" x 43"). Several small quilts are done now and the procrastinator in me is putting off an attempt to machine quilt them. It's a challenge, but I think I can do it (but not yet!). It may take a while, but once I get in and make the requisite mistakes, it's usually too late to back out, and I have to get it right. How are you with challenges? Do you dive right in or do potential mistakes keep you from the task?

Marimekko cotton from the Crate and Barrel outlet store at $3.95 per yard became an everyday tablecloth. Their bright and happy prints are hard to resist.

My niece Natalie asked for earrings for her best friend. She suggested I copy the pearl pair I made for her. Since I had the tools out, I made Natty another pair with sterling beads stamped with virtues. I chose Self-control and Patience, characteristics that we at any age might find useful. Other new pairs that will go into my online shop have the words Spirit and Hope; Faithful and Goodness; Love and Passion; and Balance and Spirit.

I made new baubles for myself too from potato chip pearls and pink glass. As new favorites, they've been swinging under my lobes everyday.

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