May 12, 2012

It was only a dream

I drove myself to the Talmadge Art Show and arrived 90 minutes before the show was to open. I had plenty of time to set up my booth. I stopped the car to find my space in the event room. When I came out to begin unloading, my car was not where I left it. Had I forgotten where I parked? I walked up and down the street and eventually walked the side streets too. The car couldn't have been stolen, as the keys were in my pocket. Did I lock it? Would my inventory and display materials be gone when I found my car? The more I walked, the longer the blocks became. I couldn't find my car and, surely, there were only 15 minutes left before the show would be open to the public. I imagined Sharon, the producer, being upset with me for being unprepared.

What a relief to wake up.

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