December 9, 2012

Studio Sale

Saturday, December 15
10a to 4p
[address removed]

IMPORTANT: My studio is in a gated neighborhood called [removed]. Please park outside and walk in (loads of street parking!). The “STUDIO SALE” sign, kitty-corner from the gate, will be visible when you’re standing there. At the keypad, press #022 and I will buzz you in. This will be posted on the keypad too.

My studio will be open for holiday gift shopping. You will find pillows filled with French lavender, and made in vintage and new Chinese brocades, Japanese kimono and obi, and hand-dyed woolens and silk. Bookstrings embellished with vintage Peking glass beads and kingfisher feathers, kimono silk rag baskets, collaged happy houses, and best of all, reworked dolls from the 1940s. Adorn your wine bottle gifts with sets of tiny hats and scarfs; these come in packages of five.

Joining me are two friends:

Anita Chan of Aniwares has animal-themed AniHats, AniFloppyHats and AniBlankets for children. They’re all clever and handmade one at a time by Anita. Visit her website for photos and send an email if you see something you want held just for you.

Nancy Tyrell of NacyAnneQuiltworks makes brilliant, modern quilts. All the cutting and sewing is done by Nancy using 100% quilting cottons and machine-quilted on her long arm machine. I love her sense of color and vibrant combinations. See for yourself this Saturday or visit her online shop.

We hope to see you! If you are unable to attend, all items are available by mail order. Please let us know and we’re happy to accommodate.

December 7, 2012

Carmel Valley Artists

Haven't begun your holiday shopping yet? I will be at this show on Saturday, December 8, from 9:30a to 3:30p hawking my wares: Lavender pillows in vintage Asian silks, bookstrings with Peking glass beads, altered dolls, happy houses, kimono silk rag baskets and purse hooks.

Come see me, and 36 other artists, at Carmel Valley Artists Show & Sale. Mimosas and appetizers will be served too.

I went a little crazy knitting tiny hats and scarfs. Dress up your bottles before presenting them to friends. These are available by post too -- just send me an email at laurensng (at) abc-rags (dot) com.