January 23, 2013


As a young girl, my father photographed me next to this Margaret Keane "Big Eyes" print which hung in my aunt's and uncle's house. Dad thought I looked like the little girl -- how pleased I was to be compared to her! As an adult, I found the 1960s print on eBay and made it my own. The print is faded and older, and now I am too. This poster was cut through Margaret Keane's screened name, and I didn't realize it until it arrived at my doorstep. It's a little short, just like me.

I am not one to destroy something in its whole-state, so it was easy to take scissors and separate the girl from the Grant/California background. I kept the cable car too because I grew up a few blocks away on Washington Street where the constant hum of the rolling cable lulled me to sleep.

So far, so good -- the incomplete background canvases measure 24" x 30" each. Stay tuned and I will share the finished work.